Is the HTC 10 the Taiwanese phone-maker’s last hurrah?

Reports of HTC’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Well, somewhat exaggerated. The Taiwanese smartphone maker, once a market leader, has fallen on hard times of late. Until a few months ago, I wasn’t sure we’d see them release another phone in Australia. HTC’s last big splash was 2014’s HTC One, a beautiful device in almost every way, let down by a terrible and gimmicky camera. Will the HTC 10 be enough to resurrect the company? Sadly, I don’t think so. (read more)

Fitbit Alta review: simple tracker beats the bunch

Fitness trackers are still the king of the wearables market, and Fitbit is king of the fitness trackers. Fitbit has been in the game the longest, and has the widest range of devices, from the cheap and cheerful Tamagotchi-style Zip ($79) to the feature packed Blaze ($329). Of the line-up, the new Fitbit Alta ($199) caught my eye – a step and sleep tracker designed to look good, without screaming “wearable”. (read more)

iPad Pro 9-inch review: simply the best

When Apple released the 12-inch iPad Pro last year, they announced it as the iPad that could replace a laptop. I wasn’t convinced. The 12-inch Pro was just too big for me. It lost the one-handed use and portability that made me love the original. The new iPad Pro is back to the original 9.7-inch form factor, and while it still can’t replace a computer for me, I’m happy with that. (read more)