Why we still need satnav in the era of smartphones

I had assumed the market for stand-alone GPS units had been destroyed, like so many markets before it, by the smartphone. Who would buy a GPS unit when Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are a free download away? Well, according to Wendy Hammond, Australian director of MiTec, which makes Navman GPS equipment, “The number of stand-alone satnavs sold in Australia is estimated at 450,000 units.” (read more)

Why I’m fine with Apple killing USB

Apple sure is doing its best to drive the tech press crazy in 2016. Just a month after it killed off the headphone port in its prime, just a mere 100 years young, the company announced its new line of laptops, and gone are any of the ports you might be familiar with. In their place are four identical sockets, all for Thunderbolt 3 over USB C. (read more)

Disco leaves no drone unturned

The Parrot Disco is a drone built for fun. Unlike precision quadcopter drones such as the DJI Phantom, the GoPro Karma, or even the Parrot Bebop that aim to be filmmaking tools, the Disco is just too fast and too excitable to use in those environments. There’s no middle ground here, the Disco wants to shoot straight up and hit maximum speed as soon as you let it go. (read more)