CES 2017: Faraday Futures fronts the automotive hyberbole as cars become more central to show

Car technology is a relatively new addition to CES, but in the last few years automotive companies have slowly been taking over the giant North Hall. In 2017, the takeover was complete. The automotive inclusion shows CES at its purest: a lot of hype and hyperbole with little information, and even less in the way of concrete shipping dates. (read more)

CES 2017: A year for robots, TVs and ‘hearables’

For years CES has being dominated by technology for the active: fitness trackers, wearables, VR, and Drones. In 2017 they’re still all here — drones especially — but most of the buzz is centred around the home. This year the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas is all about better looking TVs, cute little home assistants that can power the internet of things in your life, and devices to protect your smart toaster from hackers. (read more)