MWC 2017: Hands on with Huawei’s P10 flagship handset

Huawei has thrown every possible feature at the P10, its new flagship phone that debuted yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone is available in eight colours and even with a ceramic white finish. In a word it’s gorgeous, and while it looks slippery like the jet black iPhone, it actually has some stickiness to it, which gives it grip, but more on that later. (read more)

MWC 2017: Hands on with LG’s bright, slim G6

What a difference a year makes. Last year, LG stole Sunday — the day of glitzy launches — at Mobile World Congress showing off their new, modular G5. But by Monday afternoon, sentiment had shifted. Once the press had a chance to play with the devices, snapping the modules on and off, reality set in. Who would really do this? Why was the camera module basically just an expensive grip? What were they thinking? (read more)

Want to know the next big start-up thing for Australia? Listen to a US podcast

Back in my day, if you wanted to know what the hot new Australian start-up trend would be, you’d have to fly to SXSW Interactive, the annual festival of all things social, internet and technology, in Texas. One year you might see Gowalla and Foursquare battling it out to be crowned king of location-based check-in apps – and about nine months later, a bunch of Australian location-based check-in apps were born. (read more)

Bluetooth blues: when all your connected devices fail at once

It all started with my Fitbit. The trusty little fitness device would normally pop in around 2pm to let me know I’d hit my 1000 steps for the day. We’d celebrate together, and I’d get on with life. Then suddenly, for seemingly no reason at all, it stopped. I was still hitting my steps, but there was no mid-afternoon pick-me-up from the device. Perhaps the little guy was dying? (read more)