Samsung Galaxy S8 review: A bold, beautiful smartphone with just one flaw

Despite being the No.1 handset maker in the world, when it comes to public perception Samsung has always found itself in Apple’s shadow. Right or wrong, Samsung has been seen as the follower to Apple’s innovator. With the Galaxy S8, this perception deserves to change. The Galaxy S8 is a smartphone unlike anything from Apple, or anyone else for that matter – a bold, beautiful design, with just one major flaw. (read more)

Doze off to pillow talk with podcasts

Modern technology is destroying our sleep. From the blinding blue lights of our gadgets, to social networks engineered with the same addictive qualities of poker machines, tempting us to refresh them just one more time. But recently I’ve found a low-tech cure for insomnia: combining one of the worst gadgets I own with the world’s most boring podcast. (read more)