Crumpler’s new look: a laptop bag icon grows up

Crumpler’s offices on the top floor of a nondescript Russell St building is a quintessentially Melbourne space. With exposed ceilings over polished concrete floors, large co-working benches, and a plethora of perfectly groomed beards and sleeve-tattoos on display, it felt like a place I’d never be cool enough to work in. And of course, for a company that started out making bags for bike couriers, there’s a wall for staff to park their two-wheelers. (read more)

Oppo R11s review: borrowed beauty

Oppo’s R11s continues the company’s proud tradition of imitating flagship phones from Apple, LG and Samsung, and selling them for half the price. At just $659 outright the R11s feels like a great deal, and it is, but peek beneath the surface and you’ll find how the company has managed to cut costs over its competitors. (read more)