Preview: Hands on with Nintendo Labo

Over the weekend, Melbourne’s Scienceworks museum played host to a series of workshops previewing Nintendo’s Labo. Labo are cardboard stencils designed for the Nintendo Switch. The kits use the motion controllers and infrared cameras of the console to create a series of cardboard toys, reminiscent of the science kits I would play with as a child. (read more)

With a refined build and improved camera, Galaxy S9 shows Samsung still king of Androids

Last year’s Galaxy S8 and Note8 were beautiful devices with exceptional cameras, and the kind of fit and finish that keeps Samsung devices the stand out choice among Android phones. Samsung’s AMOLED screens are simply the best in the business, and the seamless way the screen blends into the aluminium case feels better in the hand than any other phone. All of this is true again with the S9 and S9+. (read more)

Podcast reviews, February 2018: the David and Margaret of mysticism

The show is a recent discovery for me, but Ross and Carrie have been recording podcasts together since 2011. The instantly likeable pair investigate spirituality, fringe science, religion and the paranormal by showing up to the meetings, drinking the herbal mixtures or even taking the personality tests with e-meters in hand. What makes the show wonderful is the David and Margaret chemistry of the two hosts, and the kindness and curiosity they give to their investigations. Some episodes to get you started: (read more)

Apps to help you keep stock of your pantry

Australians waste about eight billion dollars of food every year. That amounts to the average household throwing out over $1000 in uneaten groceries. But it’s not just money being wasted, there’s the energy that goes into producing all that food, and the four million tonnes of landfill it creates. So reducing what you buy and what you waste is not just good for your family, but good for the environment as well. (read more)