Pod coffee, hold the guilt

As a former barista and insufferable coffee snob, I long believed coffee pod machines were beneath me. My kitchen cupboards are like a museum dedicated to the pursuit of extracting caffeine from a bean, from cold drip to Moka Pots, Aeropress to Vario. No method was too time consuming or pretentious for me to try. (read more)

Incase NoviConnected smart luggage review: sometimes, dumb is better

The opportunity to review the NoviConnected smart luggage from Incase first came up just before Christmas; I thought the smart case would make the perfect companion on the way to CES, the annual technology show in Las Vegas. I was keen to try it, having heard constant podcast ads for a similar smart suitcase that doesn’t ship to Australia. But just before I was going to collect the bag, airlines around the world banned smart luggage. (read more)

Synology’s simple interface targets everyday user

While I work in IT in my day job, I try to leave the really tricky stuff to the team around me. I don’t find administering servers particularly interesting, and the last thing I wanted to do was add a server to my home. So whenever the opportunity to review even the simplest forms of server, a Network Attached Storage (NAS), I politely declined. It felt a little too much like work, and far to niche a product for the general readership of Livewire. But Synology were insistent I try their server and I’m glad they were. (read more)