iOS 12 is out now, might actually make your iPhone faster

At last week’s iPhone launch, Apple gave the stage to Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. Her message included some impressive changes in manufacturing designed to help the environment; as an example, by simply moving the iPhone’s logic board to 100 per cent recycled tin, Apple will prevent the mining of over 10,000 tons of ore next year. (read more)

Sony XAV-AX5000 review: give your car audio a smart makeover

My wife puts up with a lot living with me. Our house is a constant testing ground for new technology; every few days I’ll need to explain the speakers now answer to new voice assistant, there’s a new app for turning on the lights, or that nothing works because I broke the internet setting up a router. Rarely is she happy about these changes, and from the thousands of gadgets that have passed through our home in the last few years, I can count on one hand the products she has shown interest in. (read more)