The best headphones to wear while sleeping

After many years loyal service, a cheap little speaker I’d been sliding under my pillow for years finally crackled and died. I’d used this speaker to listen to either podcasts or white noise, as a way to distract myself from the worries of the day and fall asleep faster. I began researching for a replacement, deciding on headphones, with a short checklist of must have features. (read more)

Kids tackle big philosophical questions in podcast Short & Curly

Short & Curly is an ethics and philosophy podcast from ABC studios. What makes it unique is the audience; Short and Curly is produced for tweens. The show poses classic philosophical questions using examples children can relate to – like whether imposing a school uniform on children stifles individuality. Questions are knocked around by resident ethicist Matt Beard and adorably curious choir of children. Producer Kyla Slaven thinks a philosophy show for kids is a natural fit. (read more)

Let them use Macs: IBM CIO on the importance of giving staff a choice

Three years ago at Jamf Nation User Conference, a little known Apple admins event in Minneapolis, Fletcher Previn gave a presentation describing his role in introducing Macs to staff at IBM. He made headlines in tech circles, in part due to the novelty of Apple creeping into IBM — a company synonymous with the PC — but also thanks to the size and scope of the rollout. (read more)