Katu e-bike makes for a smooth, sustainable ride

I’m bullish on e-bikes; they’re just so fun to ride, so convenient for the shorter trips most city dwellers take for work and shopping, and I’d much much rather see e-bikes take over the streets than to see petrol cars replaced with electric cars. While e-bikes come in all shapes and sizes, they can be categorised in two ways; the cheaper, hub motor bikes and the smoother and more expensive mid-drive models. (read more)

Plug in, game on with Intel’s tiny NUC Hades Canyon

For more than a decade my personal computer has been a Mac. Because of that I’ve turned to consoles for gaming needs as Apple, unfortunately, has never shown interest in building a gaming Mac. I’ve often pondered building a gaming PC but consoles have served me well enough, and it all seemed like too much effort, which is why I found the Intel NUC Hades Canyon so intriguing. (read more)