Pioneer podcasts that all newcomers should put at the top of their list

I’ve been listening to podcasts for well over a decade and in that time there’s been some absolute classics. If you’re new to podcasts, it can be intimidating to look at a highly recommended show and see an episode list a mile long. It’s tempting to either skip to the latest episode or avoid an older show entirely. But there’s value in checking out some of the pioneers and their back catalogue, and seeing what all the fuss is about. Here’s three that any newcomer should download. (read more)

Keep watch over your kids with Alcatel’s Move Time, or don’t

Perhaps not surprisingly, I’m more comfortable introducing technology to my children than most parents. Our daughter was playing with an iPad not long after turning two, and now she’s three we’re playing games on the Nintendo Switch together. Before you call protective services, screen time makes up just a small part of our time together; we spend more time at the pool than on the iPad each week. (read more)

Women save the world from climate change in podcast Mothers of Invention

It seems simplistic to say all the world’s problems are the result of men and our only hope is for women to save us, yet here we are. Mothers of Invention is a podcast tackling the “man-made problem of climate change” with a “feminist solution”. The podcast argues that “women are more likely to be affected by climate change, so [it is] women who are spearheading compassionate solutions.” (read more)

Take a Squiz at daily news podcasts that have sprung up everywhere

At around 3.30am each weekday, Claire Kimball is checking the internet for big stories that have broken overnight. Kimball writes most of The Squiz newsletter the night before, and polishes in the early hours of the morning. Once complete, Kimball sends the email to Kate Watson, who turns the newsletter into a podcast script. Just before 5am the two join each other online to record The Squiz Today podcast, and by 6am the podcast and newsletter are hitting phones of their subscribers. (read more)