Despite Trump’s ‘exoneration’, podcast Mueller She Wrote is on a rise

It has been two months since US Attorney General Barr released his summary of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election, and just over a month since the redacted report was made public. President Trump, of course, claims the report “fully exonerated” him, and replies with the sound bites “no collusion, no obstruction” whenever the subject comes up. (read more)

Let AI transcribe recordings for you

Over the years I’ve used various combinations of voice recording and note taking apps to quickly capture a conversation and convert it into an article. For years I stuck with iPad app Notability and particularly liked the way the app would timestamp whatever I scribbled to the audio recording, allowing me to easily find a moment of audio by scanning over my notes. Later versions of Microsoft’s OneNote can perform the same trick. (read more)

Portrayal of Apple’s spat with screen-time apps hides the full picture

Last week Jack Nicas of The New York Times wrote an article (syndicated here) on screen-time monitoring and parental control apps being removed from Apple’s App Store. He wrote that Apple had “removed or restricted at least 11 of the 17 most downloaded screen-time and parental-control apps” in the last year, following the release of similar tools baked into iOS 12. (read more)

The iPad Mini is back and better than ever

After years of neglect, Apple has finally released an update to the iPad Mini. I switched from the regular sized iPad to the Mini when it was first released, and stuck with the smaller model for three generations, swapping back to a full sized iPad as phones became bigger and my eyes became older and weaker. But using the new Mini for the last few weeks was a reminder of how convenient this form factor is, and how cute. (read more)

‘Netflix of podcasting’ off to a bumpy start as big names pull out

Luminary, a much-hyped podcasting app with more than $US100 million ($142 million) in Silicon Valley funding, launched last week. Luminary hopes to be the “Netflix of podcasting”, offering high-quality podcasts ad-free for an $8 monthly subscription, alongside your favourite, free, ad-supported podcasts. But the App was off to a bumpy start with some of the biggest names in podcasting, including New York Times The Daily and Gimlet’s Reply All, missing from the service at launch. (read more)